In this guide, we will introduce you to sources in Overmind.

Table of Content:

  • What are sources
  • Adding your credentials
  • Common Issues and Troubleshooting

What are sources

Sources are what allow you to gather data from:

  • ☁️ Cloud providers
  • 📦 Container orchestration
  • 🏢 Server OSes
  • 🛠 Anything else, through open-source plugin ecosystem

Currently Overmind has two sources available; stdlib, aws.

Adding a source

Some sources require third party access in order to function and gather your own data. For example our AWS source requires a read access role to be configured in order to function.

Each source is different so you will need to consult the sources 'configuration' page for detailed information.


Detailed instructions coming soon.

If you are running into issues when using a source it is advised to first establish if this is because of misconfiguration or invalid queries. The first thing to check if it is a third party source that is has been configured correctly in the sources tab as per the instructions.